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5 Outdoor Party Outfit Ideas, Simple and Elegant

5 Outdoor Party Outfit Ideas, Simple and Elegant

The end of the year is known as the season for marriage. So, don’t be surprised if you get lots of wedding invitations.

During the current pandemic, many weddings take place outdoors to make it safer. Unfortunately, choosing an invitation outfit for an outdoor wedding is often confusing. Well, for those of you who are still confused, try the outfit inspiration quoted from the following various sources.

Mini or Midi Dress

Outdoor weddings are usually more casual and relaxed. For that, you can consider wearing a mini dress or midi dress that seems semi-formal. Wearing a pastel coloured mini or midi dress can be the right choice to accentuate a feminine and elegant impression.

You can also use a floral midi dress for an outdoor wedding located on the beach or park. Not only gives a feminine impression, but this model dress also makes you look fresher and more colourful.

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Ruffle Dress

Attending an outdoor wedding, especially in a garden, provides a romantic atmosphere. That is why dresses with ruffles are suitable as an option because they give a feminine and romantic impression.

Don’t want to look too girly? Look for a ruffle dress with an elegant feel. You can also use a clutch or bag with a Chan strap, and high heels to complete your outfit. If the wedding takes place on the grass, choose wedges or block heels to match your ruffle dress.

Cape Dress

Attending an outdoor wedding at the end of the year certainly needs a lot of consideration. Because the end of the year is synonymous with winter and rain. Therefore, you should use a dress with closed sleeves. However, for those of you who want to look trendier, you can use a cape dress or a dress with a coat. In addition to protecting from cold weather, this dress also gives a formal, elegant, and classy impression to your appearance.


Don’t really like wearing dresses? Don’t worry because you can wear a jumpsuit. Jumpsuits are another great choice for any outdoor wedding, including the garden. However, you should make sure to choose a jumpsuit with soft and falling materials so that you get an elegant and relaxed look. Not only that, but jumpsuits also make you look taller and slimmer.

Long Sleeve / Sleeveless

Intending to attend an outdoor wedding on the beach? A floral midi dress with long sleeve wedding dresses is perfect for wearing because it gives a semi-formal impression. In fact, long-sleeved dresses are also suitable for evening events. Considering the night weather is much colder, so you need a dress that can keep your body warm. However, if you attend an afternoon event, you can choose a sleeveless dress with a soft and arrow-free material. That way, you can party more relaxed and comfortable.

Well, those are the five dresses that you can wear when attending an outdoor invitation.… Read More..